Jerking off to ZetaChain Airdrop Tutorial via Owlto

4 min readOct 27, 2023

ZetaChain is a new Layer1 blockchain that enables universal smart contract functionality and messaging (including passing tokens, NFTs, etc.) between any blockchains without using wrapped assets or building cross-chain bridges, greatly improving interoperability between blockchains.

ZetaChain was founded in September 2021, and its founder is a member of Coinbase. Its founder was an early employee of Coinbase and one of the creators of Basic Attention Token (BAT). ZetaChain has raised two rounds of funding so far, closing its seed round in March 2022 with key investors including former Coinbase and Binance employees.

In August of this year, ZetaChain closed another $27 million in equity funding, with, Human Capital, VY Capital, Sky9 Capital, Jane Street Capital, and others participating in this round. Meanwhile, the ZetaChain test network has advanced to “Athens-3” and will go live on the main network in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to the official announcement.

OKX Cryptopedia Event

On October 16th, OKX Web3 Wallet launched the eighth ZetaChain session of Cryptopedia. The first batch of 5 DApps are Eddy Finance, zKMe, Desig, Project Twelve and LENX.

Eddy Finance: Close a deal on DEX!
zKMe: Verify ZetaSocial Score and cast exclusive Omni NFTs!
Desig: Watch the video and answer at least 3 out of 5 questions correctly!
Project Twelve: Cast a P12 x Zetachain limited NFT in P12 Arcana
LENX: 1) Get BTC test coins from the tap; 2) Pledge BTC and lend ETH
ZetaChain is currently in beta, all interactions are zero cost. Hands-on tutorial 0, get water

If you haven’t received ZETA test coins before, you can receive them on the official website, you need to verify Twitter (registered more than 1 month, the number of followers is more than 10).


ZetaLabs is a place where the ZetaChain community can help contribute to ZetaChain development by helping test and grow the netw…

Owlto Finance

Owlto Finance is a decentralized Cross-Rollup cross-chain bridge focusing on Layer2, providing users with safe, fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use cross-chain services. Currently, it supports users to cross-chain between more than 15 L2 networks, including EtherNet, zkSync Era, Starknet, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Mantle, Base, Manta, OpBNB, Kroma, Zora, and so on. Cross-chaining between more than 15 L2 networks including

  1. Login to and connect your wallet. Select the source and target chains, and then enter the quantity. owlto currently supports four kinds of tokens: ETH, USDC, USDT and BNB. Take ETH as an example, the minimum amount is 0.001ETH, so the wallet should be larger than 0.01ETH, and some gas should be reserved on the chain.


The answer to the question is BABCD.

2. Eddy Finance

Exchange ZETA tokens for any currency.

3. P12

Scroll down from the home page and Vote for one item, then return to the top of Claim after Vote is completed.

4. zkMe

Bind Twitter,Mint NFT,Share can be skipped.


Water collection at Discord (, currently slow to arrive.

Enter Deposit interface to deposit BTC, and then switch to Borrow to lend ETH. after completing the task, return to OKX APP to “verify”, you may need to wait for a moment. If you have a batch account, we recommend you to complete the task on your computer, verification and collection can only be done in the APP.




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