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5 min readOct 19, 2023

Strategy for the Scroll Mainnet, a Layer 2 Star Project

Scroll has officially launched its mainnet, marking a significant milestone for the project and opening a new chapter in its development as a Layer 2 solution. What sets Scroll apart and positions it as a star project in the Layer 2 space? This article comprehensively covers Scroll’s project positioning, operational mechanisms, and ecosystem layout.

Project Introduction

Scroll is a new Layer 2 solution designed to offer infinite scalability, complete decentralization, and trustless privacy. It achieves this by building upon zk-Rollup and high-performance Layer 1 distributed systems.

Scroll introduces a novel hierarchical zero-knowledge proof system architecture, a new L2 DApps interaction model, and a unique L2 mining mechanism. The Scroll solution aims to deliver the best user experience for the future, with the lowest fees and fastest transaction speeds.

Mainnet Launch

In October 2023, Scroll officially launched its mainnet, a significant milestone that positions Scroll as one of the most prominent Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. The mainnet’s deployment has fueled the vibrant growth of the Scroll ecosystem. On the Scroll network, projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, cross-chain, and other domains have emerged, offering users diverse application scenarios and opportunities. These developments further solidify Scroll’s critical role in the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem.

The Scroll ecosystem comprises the following key components:

Cross-chain bridge: Supported by Owlto and others for asset cross-linking

NFT platforms: Platforms like AlienSwap, DEGO for creation and trading

DeFi applications: Multiple projects across various domains, including DODO, AAVE, SUSHI, IZUMI

Wallets: Integration with wallets like OKX

Social applications: ReadON, Qustn, and more

Domain services: Scroll Name, and others

User Interaction Highlights Step 1: Add Scroll to MetaMask Visit:

Cross-Chain Cross-chain is divided into mainnet cross-chain and third-party cross-chain bridge cross-chain.

Transfer assets to Scroll through the mainnet cross-chain bridge (

For third-party cross-chain bridge, it’s recommended to use Owlto ( Owlto currently supports networks including Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, BNB Chain, opBNB, Zora, Base, kroma, Manta, Mantle, Starknet, and Scroll, with fast cross-chain speeds, typically around 40 seconds, and low fees.

Using Owlto now also gives you a chance to win up to 100 USDT.

So, when interacting with Scroll, you can also engage with Owlto simultaneously, offering multiple benefits. Owlto has introduced an invitation mechanism where inviting friends can earn you ETH rewards and points, which might become one of the standards for future airdrops.

Mint And Bridge NFTs Visit: Connect your wallet

In the ‘ONFT Bridge,’ ensure the left network is Scroll

Click ‘MINT 5’

Approve five transactions in your wallet to mint 5 ONFTs

Now, bridge all 5 ONFTs to other networks by clicking ‘Bridge To’

Now, connect them all through Scroll and use LayerZero technology (perhaps a 2x1 🎁)

Step 4: Skydrome DEX Visit:

Connect your wallet on the Scroll mainnet

Swap tokens

Switch to ‘liquidity’

Select a trading pair and click ‘Manage’

Add Liquidity

Remove Liquidity

On Scroll Sepolia Testnet, there are also Skydrome Testnet badges, which I recommend applying for the last event on the Scroll Testnet.

Step 5: Scroll Name Service Visit:

Connect your wallet

You can purchase a domain name on the Scroll network for approximately 0.0025 ETH (about $4)

Most valuable names are currently available

Don’t forget to set it as your primary address


swap x5

Cattie Swap


SpaceSwap Interface

swap x5



Outlook for Development As a leading Layer 2 project, Scroll offers two key advantages in comparison to other Layer 2 projects:

a. Scroll has gained recognition from prominent venture capitalists like Polychain Capital and Sequoia Capital, with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin being one of the main investors.

b. Unlike other Layer 2 solutions, Scroll operates directly on Layer 1 and allows complete composability between Ethereum dApps and Layer 2. Scroll also employs a new approach by generating zk proofs off-chain using GPU capabilities.

However, Scroll also faces some challenges:

  1. Late entry into the market, with ecosystem development still in its early stages, requiring time to accumulate.
  2. Competition from other excellent ZK-Rollup projects like zkSync, Polygon zkEVM, etc.
  3. The network’s security and decentralized governance mechanisms are not yet robust.

Overall, Scroll has the potential to become a leading Layer 2 project in the Ethereum ecosystem, but it will need sustained development in areas such as ecosystem building, technological advancements, and governance to stand out in the competitive landscape.”




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