Arbitrum Nova and Owlto Airdrop Guide

2 min readSep 27, 2023

Arbitrum Nova is a new Layer 2 solution launched by the Arbitrum team. It has raised $120 million from top investment institutions.

Compared to the mature Arbitrum One, activities on Nova chain are still limited, which may indicate potential future airdrops.

Nova is built on Arbitrum AnyTrust technology, optimized for social and gaming applications requiring ultra-low gas fees and high security. It is a public chain tailored for developers wanting to create P2E games or social projects. On Nova, gas costs are $0.0036.

Steps to interact with Arbitrum Nova for potential airdrops:

Step 1. Add Nova RPC:

Step 2. Bridge from ETH mainnet to Arbitrum Nova

a) (required)

b) (required)

Owlto Finance is a Layer 2 focused cross-chain bridge with lowest fees and no token yet. It supports transfers between Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Mantle, Base and Starknet.

Now Arbitrum has relaunched the Odyssey campaign, bridging any ETH to Arbitrum Nova via Owlto can get you an NFT.

Step 3. Dex

Swap 5x/10x, add and remove liquidity

Step 4. Dex

Swap 5x/10x, add and remove liquidity

Step 5. NFT

Go to:

Buy/sell some cheap NFTs

List your NFTs for sale




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