Airdrop Strategy Guide: Seize Airdrop Opportunities for zkSync, Starknet, Linea, and More using Owlto Interaction

4 min readSep 18, 2023

Currently, Owlto supports networks including Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, BNB Chain, opBNB, Zora, Base, and more. In the future, it will also support Starknet, ZetaChain, Immutable X, and others. Based on this premise, by actively participating in interactions with the Owlto protocol, you may have the chance to receive airdrops of tokens like ZKS, STRK, LINEA, OWLTO, and more.

Simultaneously, Owlto has joined multiple public blockchain ecosystems and received official endorsements. Based on previous experiences with similar protocols, we can speculate and briefly outline some possible airdrop criteria for Owlto, such as:

Completing at least 5 transactions (ideally 10 or more).
Total transaction volume exceeding $2,000 (ideally $5,000 or more).
Interacting with at least 5 L2 chains (explained below).
Regularly performing interactions.
If you meet the above conditions, it’s very likely that you qualify for an Owlto airdrop. Today, I will provide several airdrop strategies that not only offer a chance to receive Owlto airdrops but also potentially grant you airdrop opportunities for ZKS, STRK, LINEA, and more, achieving a multi-pronged effect.

The following tutorial is expected to require gas fees, with each cross-chain transaction costing 1–2 U and a typical cross-chain duration of 30 seconds. If you’re ready, let’s get started! If you’re not prepared yet, please bookmark this article.

Participate in Galxe Tasks

Galxe is a Web3 task platform. Almost all Tier 2 and below projects should have their own Galxe campaigns, including Owlto.

Step 1: Visit the latest Owlto Bridge campaign page at:

Step 2: Check for existing campaigns.

Step 3: Click on a campaign and follow the cross-rollup and social tasks as required.

Once the conditions are met, click the blue “Claim” button on the page. Successful claiming may take a few minutes. Then, check in the ‘My NFTs’ section.

From Arbitrum to zkSync Era

zkSync has currently raised $458 million, making it one of the largest airdrop projects in history.

Visit the following link:

Transfer some ETH from Arbitrum to the zkSync Era network as shown below.

You can also get OAT from:

From zkSync Era to Linea

Linea is a Layer 2 solution developed by ConsenSys, designed to improve Ethereum’s scalability and efficiency. It has already raised $726 million in funding.

Visit the following link:

Transfer some ETH from zkSync Era to the Linea network as shown below.

You can also get Linea NFTs from:

From Linea to Base

Base is a secure, cost-effective Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, designed to seamlessly onboard the next billion users to blockchain.

Visit the following link:

Transfer some ETH from Linea to the Base network as shown below.

You can also get Base NFTs from:

From Base to Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova is a new zk-rollup that offers a seamless user experience and is compatible with the existing Ethereum ecosystem and tools. They have raised $450 million in funding. While it’s uncertain whether Nova will conduct a second airdrop, it doesn’t hurt to interact with it.

Visit the following link:

Transfer some ETH from Base to the Arbitrum Nova network as shown below.

From Arbitrum Nova to Polygon zkEVM

The steps are the same as above. Of course, these are just the most basic interaction strategies, and now Owlto also supports cross-chain between opBNB and BNB.

If you have the time and energy, considering gas fees, you can regularly participate in more related interactions to increase your chances of receiving airdrops. Compared to other rollup bridges like Orbiter, Owlto is faster and cheaper.

In summary, this article has covered how to seize airdrop opportunities for ZKS, STRK, LINEA, and more by interacting with the Owlto protocol. We hope that today’s sharing is helpful to you.

Disclaimer: The above content represents personal opinions and analysis, provided for learning and discussion purposes. Please comply with the relevant laws and regulations of your country or region.”




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